How to Make Notes forsociology optional

How to Make Notes for Sociology Optional?

Notes for Sociology Optional: Sociology is the most recommended optional in UPSC examinations. The main reason for this is if you follow the right type of strategy while preparing for sociology optional, the efforts are comparatively less compared to the results. 

Sociology is known to have a limited syllabus hence it is recommended for candidates to opt for sociology in their optional. If the candidate gives his hundred percent dedication, he can easily complete the whole sociology syllabus within 3-4 months. 

The main advantage of sociology being easy is that it relates to the society we live in, hence making it possible to observe and study on daily basis. There is no need to have a background related to this subject, basic knowledge would be sufficient to study sociology for the UPSC exam.

Preparation tips and strategy:

Understand the subject: For starting any particular task, you first need to understand it thoroughly. The same logic applies to sociology subjects too, you can start referring NCERTs book of class 11th and 12th to get a brief idea and to learn the basics of sociology. The more you work on making the basics strong the easy you get while reading the subject. 

Constant reading and memorizing: Making notes from different sources will not be sufficient, you have to read and memorize the syllabus every week according to your strategy. This will help you in relating the theoretical concept to real-life situations. You can understand every topic in-depth in this way hence increasing your retention too. 

  1. Guidance:

This is one of the most important strategies or you can say the key for sociology preparation. Taking coaching from the top institutes under experienced teachers will play a vital role in the UPSC exam. You have to look for the right mentor who can guide you through the whole syllabus making the concepts easy to understand for you. Apart from this, you can also rely on the internet and newspapers. They are loaded with knowledge and current affairs. Ready magazines are beneficial as the questions asked in the UPSC exams mostly depend on current affairs. The right type of mentor will add a good foundation of sociology while explaining the concepts. 

  1. Referring to the previous year’s papers:

One of your preparation strategies must be always looking for the previous year’s question papers. This will not only increase your confidence and motivation but also give you a brief idea of the type of questions that are being asked in the exam. By solving these papers, you will understand which topic is given more importance too. You can solve the papers with the help of your mentor and understand the type of direct and indirect questions asked in the previous year’s paper. 

  1. Making notes:

Making notes for sociology optional is not a tough thing to do if you pay attention to your surroundings. After planning out your strategy, this should be your first step in the whole preparation plan. Try to gather information from authentic and updated sources. Read magazines, newspapers, articles, listen to interviews, news, etc. considering attending coaching classes regularly, and be in touch with your mentor to clear the doubts on a priority basis. Don’t postpone your study and research work. 

 Don’t make lengthy notes rather go for short and crisp type so that you can easily revise the concept before the exam date. Use a highlighter to highlight the main points and make a note of them in your language. 

  1. Writing answers:

For keeping the examiner engaged and involved in your answers, you will have to master the technique of answering the questions. The answers must not be lengthy and boring; you must have the ability to keep up with the interest of the examiner. They will judge your literacy skills through your writing pattern, hence making it short and meaningful to read and understand. This will eventually make you perfect with managing the time as well. 

The main key here is to understand and learn how to express our observations in written part once you master this, then half of your preparation will be done. It is advised that you go for communication skills classes and improve your literacy skills too to express your views on any particular subject in a better way. If you learn the sociology subject by following the right tips and techniques, believe me, you will fall in love with this beautiful subject. 

The only thing we have to understand is how to put our observations into words. Of course, you have to study all the major sociological thinkers and trends in sociology. But with the right sociology strategy, you will be not only complete the entire preparation very fast. But you will also enjoy the entire process and fall in love with the subject.

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