IAS optional Sociology- Reading Books

IAS optional Sociology- Reading Books Versus Watching video Tutorials

Books for Sociology optional UPSC: IAS optional Sociology every student has lots of dreams in his academic life, and the dream gets fulfilled when s/he finds a lucrative job. IAS is a big dream of several young candidates in India. But, to achieve something, the path is full of obstacles. The vast UPSC IAS paper constitutes General Studies and an optional paper. In the previous years, there was a trend of choosing Sociology as the optional subject. However, the question is- Should you read just Sociology books for UPSC or undergo training?

Candidates feel confused while choosing between these two options. A detailed discussion on both these choices will clear their queries.

Should you be too much reliant on books?

Sociology optional books are some easily available study materials to start your preparation at your home. As Sociology is a generic subject, you can understand the topics without concerns. The books written by reputed authors will give you a comprehensive view of the Indian society. The best books give you elaborate information about the topics.

You can find toppers recommending several books for Sociology optional UPSC. In most cases, UPSC applicants like to buy a pile of books by following the suggestions of those toppers. Ultimately, they feel puzzled, and everything becomes a mess.

It is true that you need a number of reference books. Still, the presence of several sources of information will make your preparation chaotic.

The best book for Sociology optional paper can help you in going through every lesson. The organized content of the book will let you analyze the topics without any issue. You will have an in-depth understanding of the society. Moreover, books are essential to learn about the major theories of different sociological thinkers.

Thus, you cannot avoid reading Sociology optional books for UPSC.

Although books are important to prepare for the optional UPSC paper, you have to know the tricks of reading them. You need to apply the selective reading technique to read your books. It is essential to purchasing books intended for UPSC candidates. There are several Sociology books available in the market. Not all of them are written for IAS applicants. That is why you have to be careful in buying the books for your UPSC exam.

As an IAS applicant, you have to know the Sociology syllabus before taking steps to buy books. Never waste your time reading books that do not match your UPSC optional paper syllabus.

Why choose video tutorials for Sociology UPSC

Books for Sociology optional UPSC: Another option available for UPSC candidates is to join a training program. IAS training academies can provide you with video tutorials and real-time training classes. In both these cases, you have to rely on something visual.

The scientific observations have revealed that human brains have a higher capacity for retaining visual information. It is one of the reasons for choosing a video tutorial (i.e. online IAS coaching) for your optional Sociology paper.

As a dedicated UPSC candidate, you may need to read 10 to 15 books to prepare for the optional paper. Needless to say, you must also read newspapers, magazines, and other study materials.Isn’t it easier to watch a few video tutorials? You will save time and effort while watching instructive videos on the subject- Sociology.

There are more reasons to prefer videos.

No boring sensations- In most cases, candidates feel tired and bored when they flip through pages after pages. That is why their brain cannot retain the information for a longer period. On the contrary, you can hold your interest and maintain concentration for a 20-minute video. You will gain more knowledge at every moment.

Easy to revise– When you have relied only on Sociology books, you need to cover different sources of information you have chosen. However, it is easier and timesaving to watch a video. You can play the recorded video several times until you have absorbed the information.

Interactive and interesting– While watching videos, you will find a trainer giving instructions. The interaction of human beings will add interest to the content. You will gain more concentration and learn the subject in a better way.

Cost-saving solutions– How much do you need to invest in buying books? It may be more than Rs 4000 to Rs 5000. However, when you pay for a video tutorial, you will receive a better value. The training academies have trainers to solve your queries.

Now, it is to be concluded that both books and video tutorials are important for your sociology preparation. Books are the primary sources of information for every UPSC candidate. Still, you must not overlook video-based training from the IAS training academies. The smartest candidates always combine both these options to make their preparation process more effective. You can look for a reliable training institute that provides useful study materials for your optional Sociology paper.

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