IDAS full form

Complete Guide on Indian Defense Accounts Service (IDAS)
In India, the Defense Accounts Service is one of the highest-ranking Group “A” service organizations under the control of the Indian Government. IDAS full form is Indian Defense Accounts Service. In the hands of this service, the accounting for the Department of Defense will be handled. The DAD is overseen by a person known as the Controller General of Defense Accounts (CGDA). The Army-Navy uses the Indian Defense Accounts, Air Force, Ordnance Factories, Border Road Organization, Defense Research, and Canteen Stores Departments for financial payment and accounting obligations. The Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS) is one of the career options available to those who pass the UPSC civil service test and work for the Federal Government. The Controller General of Defense Accounts has overall responsibility for the Defense Accounts Department.
In what way does the IDAS test serve a purpose?
The Indian Defense Accounts Service [ida full form] has been designated as a group “A” civil service for the Indian Government. This department has been in existence the longest in the Indian Government. It is the responsibility of the idas personnel to ensure that the Defense Services’ financial records are in order. Workers for the Indian Military Accounts Service (IDAS) supervise the Government’s largest budget allocation, which is the budget for the Indian armed forces.
Eligibility Criteria and Requirements:
• A candidate’s nationality must fit into one of the categories listed below:
• A person who resides in the Indian country Nepalese people are referred to as Bhutanese people.
• Before January 1, 1962, a Tibetan refugee relocated to India to settle there permanently.
• Migrants from any of the following countries can apply for permanent residency: Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, and South Asia. Kenyan countries in East Africa, Uganda and Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi Ethiopia, Vietnam.
Qualifications in terms of education:
A bachelor’s or master’s degree from one of the approved universities, or an equivalent degree, is required of all applicants to be considered. Civil service examination applicants must achieve these criteria:
• The Preliminary Exam is open to all qualified candidates, including those who have already taken the qualifying examination and are awaiting results and those who have not yet taken it. Candidates who have passed the exam above must prove to be considered for admission to the Main Examination.
• Applicants with government-recognized or comparable professional and technical qualifications are also encouraged to submit their applications.
• For candidates to be eligible to sit for the Main Examination, they must have completed their final year of MBBS or any other medical examination; however, they must still complete their internship. It is necessary to get a certificate from the relevant university declaring that they have passed the final medical exam.
Restrictions on Participation:
Candidate’s age must be at least 21 years old and no more than 30 years old on August 1 of the examination year in which they are taking the examination.
The following is an example of an age restriction that can be relaxed:
• The maximum time limit for applicants belonging to Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) is five years.
• Other backward candidates: maximum of three years (OBC)
• A candidate from Jammu & Kashmir may serve for a maximum of five years in the position of ambassador.
• Service personnel who have completed at least five years of military duty but have been released are entitled to a maximum of five years of employment as former service members, including officers and ECOs/SSCOs.
• For ECOs/SSCOs who have already served five years in the military, the maximum service period is five years.
• Individuals who are blind, hard of hearing, or orthopedically impaired can expect to wait ten years.
Career Opportunities in the Indian Defence Accounts Service
IDAS officers will be assigned to Assistant Controlling Officer of Defense Accounts as soon as they are inducted into the IDAS system of command. In most cases, soldiers are sent to cantonments in towns where they reside.
IDAS cadre officials will advance to Deputy Controlling Officer of Defense Accounts shortly. Vacancies for this position are most frequently seen in state capitals. Officers in the IDAS cadre would be assigned to Command Headquarters and would have positions of leadership in the organization

IDAS officer salary
• In the junior time scale, the Assistant Controller of Defense Accounts and its equivalent earn between Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 39,100 per month + Rs. 5,400 per month (Grade Pay).
• R 15,600—39,100 additional Rs 6,600 for Senior Timescale (Deputy Defense Accounts Controller and equivalent) (Grade Pay).
• Compensation: Rs 37,400 – Rs 67,000 – Rs 8,700 for an Additional Controller of Defence Accounts (or an equivalent position) (Grade Pay).
• 37,400–67,000 rupees (graduation pay) additional Rs. 10,000 (Senior Administrative Grade (Controller of Defense Accounts or similar) (revised).
• The Principal Controller of Defense Accounts or an equivalent position must be filled to fulfill this need. rupees 67,000 (an increase of 3 percent per year) rupees 79,000 rupees
All appointments are subject to a two-year probationary period, during which probationers are required to pass the necessary Departmental Examinations to be promoted to permanent status. A maximum of four years could be added to this term by the Government if this is necessary. After a second or subsequent attempt (including an extension), service will be canceled if probation is not completed. If the probationary status is maintained beyond the regular two-year period, it may be terminated.