Best Strategy to Prepare for Sociology optional

Know the Best Strategy to Prepare for Sociology optional in 4 months

You may have started working hard to crack the UPSC exam in your first few attempts. Ultimately, you find that there are 4 months left to appear for the UPSC exam. You have already prepared for the General Studies papers. However, how will you make yourself prepared for the optional subject? As you have a very short time, it is better to select Sociology as your IAS optional subject. Within 4 months, you will be able to manage this subject. Although you have no prior Sociology background, you will have no problem in reading this optional subject. You may look for Sociology notes for UPSC and make your preparation easier.

There are IAS training academies to help you in preparing for the optional Sociology paper. The professional and qualified trainers of these academies will give you tips for Sociology preparation. Moreover, you can solve your queries about any topic related to the subject. Although self-study is important, training will make your effort successful. Another notable advantage is that the training institute will provide you with Sociology optional notes. Properly written notes will give you clear concepts. That is why you may register your name with any reliable training center to prepare yourself within the shortest time. One of the recommend institute is Elite IAS Academy, Bibhash Sharma sir is the Sociology faculty here.

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How to make your 4-month Sociology preparation successful

Develop a timeline for your Sociology preparation-

Every candidate has a different level of intelligence and grasping power. Thus, based on your capabilities, you need to calculate the time for studying Sociology. To read the Sociology optional paper and cover its syllabus, you need at least 4 months.

The best trick for you is to allot the time equally for Paper I and Paper II.

In case of Paper I, you need to have clear concepts of the sociological theories and other fundamentals. When you have gone through every topic of Paper I, you may move on to Paper II.

While reading carefully, you will find some connections between two papers. Your analytical approach will let you understand issues in Indian society.

Know about the topics of the subject

Your first step is to know the syllabus and find the topics and subtopics. You can create a list of those topics in your diary. While reading books, you may recall the syllabus. Place the syllabus on your study table to view it every day.

Look for a reliable source of information

One of the important steps is to find the authentic sources for information. Based on the topics, you may make some precise notes. For every note, you can write up to 250 words. For instance, you can choose the topic of Karl Marx. Your notes must be related to the mode of production, historical materialism, alienation, and class struggle.

Learn about every thinker for your Sociology Paper I preparation. Try to reproduce better content to secure higher marks. Your Sociology notes UPSC will make your task easier.

Continue your note making activities

Sociology optional notes for UPSC are highly important for Paper II. You can rely on your instructors and training institutes to get notes. Their organized study materials have information about different topics. You will find it easy to go through the content and attempt every answer of your question paper.

The questions asked in Sociology Paper II are dynamic. However, you have to present your answers from sociological perspective. Thus, you have to make a perfect combination of the current and static aspects in your answers. It will enable you to secure higher marks.

Make sure that your notes for Sociology topics are precise. You have to revise the content repeatedly. Moreover, there are case studies of different researchers. Read them thoroughly to make your answer quality better. These case studies have to be relevant to the UPSC syllabus. It is also better to look for some enriched study materials and professionally written Sociology notes for UPSC PDF.

Read the best NCERT books

Some Sociology candidates overlook this step. However, NCERT books cover several topics related to your syllabus. You will have basic knowledge from reading these NCERT books. In the previous years, UPSC asked questions directly from these books. Thus, you must focus on those books in your UPSC preparation.

Finally, it is to be said that preparing for the optional Sociologypaper becomes easy with minimal effort. You do not need to feel stressed for this subject. Within the shortest time, you can gain solid knowledge about Sociology. But, the preparation process becomes easier with the guidance from a Sociology teacher. You can contact Elite IAS academy to find the best teacher for the subject. It will increase your chance to secure higher marks in your optional Sociology paper. You will find a difference in the final rank in your UPSC exam.

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