Sociology Class: Recorded Video Link | Correspondence Course (Interactive) |Sociology Test Series (Mains – 2018) | Classroom Coaching in Delhi - 2018 is dedicated to online preparation of Civil Services Examination. We are fully focused to Sociology subject. Our expert is the best Sociology teacher, located at Delhi and has long years of teaching experience. Well aware about the nitty-gritty of UPSC and its changed pattern. He adopts scientific approach in teaching. Guide his students to write ‘sociological answer’ as per requirement of present UPSC question/answer format.

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                               Sociology IAS (Mains) Test Series - 2018 (Online/Offline)

(10 Mock Tests): 16th June, 2018 (New Batch - Admission Open)

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(12 Mock Tests): 20th January, 2018 (Admission Closed)

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(12 Mock Tests): 16th December, 2017 (Admission Closed)

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(12 Mock Tests): 11th November, 2017 (Admission Closed)

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  •                                                                 Admission Open

                                                                           (Students can write test at our Mukherjee Nagar center - between 10 am to 3 pm)

    Why Join Us:

    There are several logical reasons to join us:

    Sociology for IAS Dedicated to Sociology:   We are 100% focused on Sociology (particularly to IAS Examination). It means, you will be joining such institute which is purely dedicated to Sociology subject.

    Sociology for IAS Experienced Teacher:   Your answers will be evaluated by an experienced teacher, Mr. Bibhash Sharma. He has more than 15 years of teaching experience in reputed IAS coaching Institutes, Delhi.

    Sociology for IAS Expert Support:   Telephonic Discussion/E-mail Interaction.

    Sociology for IAS Sociological-Answer Writing:   Step by step guidance for development of Sociological-answer writing skill.

    Sociology for IAS Model Answers:   Model Answers (synopsis) will be provided for all 06 section-wise test series. Full test series (Papers) won't have any model answers, we expect students to write with originality.

    Sociology for IAS Technical edge:   We provide User ID & Password to all our students, this helps them to schedule their studies with flexibility. We provide online platform (interface) to access study materials as well as Test Paper. You can appear in your test just by downloading the question paper; write its answers - scan it (pdf only - mobile phone scanner can also be used) and upload it via our online platform using your user ID; it will directly reach to us. Alternatively, you can send it to us on our postal address.

    Sociology for IAS New pattern of UPSC:   In 2013, UPSC had changed its question asking pattern. Last year, they had asked 19 questions in both papers i.e. Paper I (19) and Paper II (19), means, total 38 questions. Traditional answer-writing pattern cannot fit the present requirements. We will guide you the new skills required.

    Is Joining IAS (Mains) Test Series, Compulsory

    Nothing can be compulsory, but yes, it would be rational decision to EVALUATE YOURSELF BEFORE THE UPSC EVALUATES YOU.
    Mock Test Series will help you in multifaceted ways:

    Sociology for IAS Punctuality:   Due to pre-scheduled date, you will be mentally forced to focus on the units of your Sociology test (exam). This will consciously or unconsciously instill habit of punctuality in you.

    Sociology for IAS Time Management:    You will have around 19 questions but time available will remain as usual i.e. three (3) hours. Through repeated Sociology IAS (mains) mock test you will improve your writing speed as well as learn time-management.

    Sociology for IAS Prioritization Skill:    Many a time students have lots of knowledge/information about the questioned topic but they feel scarcity of time. During Sociology IAS (mains) mock test you will learn the art of prioritization.

    Sociology for IAS Answer Format:    Content of the topic remains almost the same but UPSC wants their candidate to format their answers according to the demand of the keyword(s). Example: Discuss, explain, illustrate, evaluate etc. With the feedback, comment and notes for improvement, teacher will guide you to write answer in an appropriate format.

    Sociology for IAS Sociological Answer-writing:    Sociology is a very easy and understandable subject. Students of any academic background can easily grasp the subject-matter. But to score high, you need to write a sociological answer, general studies type answer is not compatible with Sociology. Examiners hate it, and may award low marks. On the other hand, if same information is converted into Sociological answer skillfully, there will be huge difference of marks obtained.

    Sociology for IAS Exposure to New Questions:    Appearing in mock Sociology IAS (mains) Test Series, you get exposed to many new questions. This helps you to develop ability to adjust yourself better in unknown condition. In real examination, you will not be taken aback because you had already experienced such type of situations during your mock test. Further, it will teach you to deal with such questions in logically relevant way.

    In brief, few points can be highlighted:

    * Understanding of question (according to relevance/demand)
    * Relevant formatting of the answer (discuss, explain, critical analysis etc.)
    * Presentation skill
    - Introduction (show of individuality, depends on the knowledge of antecedents and contemporary developments as well, evolutionary    nature)
    - Main body (fulfilling the demand of the question, answer should be substantiated with (i) Case studies, (ii) Theoretical perspective
    - Conclusion (summing up ability)

    Nature: Flexible : Reschedule on the request of the candidate. Note: Students can postpone but not prepone the test date based in the schedule.