Sociology Class: Recorded Video Link | Correspondence Course (Interactive) |Sociology Test Series | Classroom Coaching in Delhi is dedicated to online preparation of Civil Services Examination. We are fully focused to Sociology subject. Our expert is the best Sociology teacher, located at Delhi and has long years of teaching experience. Well aware about the nitty-gritty of UPSC and its changed pattern. He adopts scientific approach in teaching. Guide his students to write ‘sociological answer’ as per requirement of present UPSC question/answer format.

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Classroom Coaching - 2019-20

  • Admission Information - Call: 7065202020

    New Batch: 05th November, 2019 - Admission Open

    Old Rajinder Nagar Centre - Timing: 5 pm to 7 pm (Limited Seats)
    Mukherjee Nagar Centre – Timing: 9 am to 11 am (Limited Seats)
    Our Best performers:
    Namita Sharma (IRS-2018; AIR-145); Highest score in Sociology - 305 Marks

    Abhilash Baranwal (IAS-2017; AIR-44); Highest score in Sociology - 303 Marks
    Ila Tripathi (IAS-2016; AIR-51); Highest score in Sociology - 301 Marks

    Nikhil Pathak (IPS-2015; AIR-107) - First Attempt Selection
    Rohit Kumar (IRS-2015) - Highest score in Paper-II (144 Marks)

    Register Now - Online

    (Registration Fee: Rs.5000/-) Note: Registration will confirm your seat for classroom coaching. It is open for November, 2019 Batch classes only. Rs.5000/- will be adjusted during full fees payment.


    Sociology for IAS  Dedicated to Sociology:   We are 100% focused on Sociology (particularly to IAS Examination). It means, you will be joining such institute which is purely dedicated to Sociology subject.

    Sociology for IAS  Classroom Communication:   Teacher will deliver lectures on concerned topics to develop clarity i.e. Explanation & Discussion of Topics. NO DICTATION. (We consider that dictating the content to students in the classroom is simply wastage of our precious time.)

    Sociology for IAS  Participatory Class:   During class, students can ask questions to get their confusion dispelled. We motivate students to raise relevant questions in the classroom.

    Sociology for IAS  Study Materials:  Immediately after admission, full study materials will be supplied to our students.

    Sociology for IAS  Answer Writing:   Sociological answer-writing skills & techniques will be taught to students.

    Sociology for IAS  Classroom/Unit Test:  Chapters/Units covered in the classroom will be assessed with Classroom/Unit test at regular interval.

    Sociology for IAS  Course Duration:   Two (2) Months, (may be a week extra).

    Sociology for IAS  Experienced Teacher:    Mr. Bibhash Sharma has more than 15 years of teaching experience. It means, students will learn, understand, practice answer-writing of sociology under careful guidance of well experienced teacher.

    Sociology for IAS  Study Support:   One (1) year full study support. Student can consult the teacher even after completion of their course. Can seek an appointment at the institute or contact via phone or email.

    Sociology for IAS  Online Platform:   We provide User ID & Password to all our students. Here you can access value addition materials i.e. extra updated study materials, case studies, legislative Acts/Laws, social issues etc.

    Sociology for IAS  All India Sociology Test Series (Mains):   All classroom students will be entitled for 20% fee concession for our All India Sociology Test Series (Mains).

    Sociology for IAS  Provision of Installment:   We have provision for installment, please check below.

    Course Fee: Rs.55,000/- (Inclusive all Taxes)

    Payment Plan: Student(s) can choose any one plan of their choice, for payment.
      One Time Full Payment: (discount) Rs.50,000/-  
      Payment in Two Installments:
     during Admission (Rs.30,000), 1st Installment
      Next after one month (Rs.25,000), 2nd Installment