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Any good exam preparation is never completed without proper books and standard study materials. Exams like UPSC require good books and magazines that provide updated, high-quality information and genuine-authentic sources of information. You have to keep in mind that you can’t read thousands of magazines throughout and need 1-2 trustworthy magazines which can boost your progress and help you to retain the information inside. One such magazine provided by us is the Yojana magazine for UPSC

Yojana is a monthly magazine issued by the Government of India, which can be bought both as hardcopy (monthly Rs.20) or soft copy (pdf provided on our site). Yojana magazine mainly focuses on urban development scenarios and crises. It carries a message of economic development to the people. 

Why choose Yojana magazine?

  1. Yojana magazine is a critical resource for UPSC’s current affairs, referred by many toppers and teachers. The best way to cover socio-economic issues for mains and GS papers is present in Yojana.
  1. Reading yojana will help you understand diplomats’ and administrative individual’s behavior patterns and boost your personality test/interview confidence.
  1. The source of information present there is very authentic and reliable as it comes from the government itself. Also, it includes both pros and cons of any statement giving a balanced idea on the topic. 
  1. Apart from English, yojana pdf in Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Gujrati, and Telugu are also present. We provide the link for both English and Hindi versions. This helps students from different states and languages to avail themselves of quality materials easily from our site. 
  1. Much expert-level content by researchers, economists, etc., is located in this magazine. Even direct questions in UPSC are asked from this magazine. There is comprehensive and in-depth coverage of issues and topics.
  1. The articles help aspirants handle any issue in various dimensions and a balanced manner. It also helps to make constructive criticism. The statements and editor’s keynote will give scope to analyze the issue or problem.
  1. Yojana magazine covers major subjects like geography, administration, disasters, politics, economics, health, social issues, etc., which gives you an overall idea about everything. Also, case studies and relevant examples are provided for better understanding. 

A magazine such as Yojana has proved its importance and inevitability quote several times. Yojana is related to dronacharya for your eklabya preparation. If you don’t have time to read the whole magazine, our site also provides the gist of Yojana, which covers every important topic. You will find this in that given link. Remember to make your notes from the magazine and keep GS papers ready alongside reading magazines for the first time. We wish you all the best in your preparation!