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All our programmes are interactive i.e. students can directly communicate their problems/queries to the teacher.

Sociology Optional With SociologyIAS:

The UPSC Optional like Sociology requires the aspirants to study the social order from different perspectives. It needs a lot of insights into a huge set of information and its appropriate implementation. SociologyIAS helps the aspirants to comprehend the Sociology syllabus and cover it in correct manner. The aspirants get exclusive study guidance for Sociology optional with online coaching, recorded videos, interactive sessions and comprehensive test series etc.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Sociology as Optional

1.The optional subject for UPSC exams should be selected only after adequate analysis of the aspirant’s interest area. When it comes to choosing an optional subject, it is of utmost importance that you have an interest in that subject or have the interest to learn that subject.

2.Considering the background of the aspirant plays an important role in scoring good marks in optional subject. It will help the aspirants to analyze the concepts in more holistic way.

3.It is crucial to check the availability of the study material before selecting any optional subject. For a subject like sociology, ample study sources are available. Also, proper coaching will enable you to understand and learn the right portion of the syllabus of the UPSC optional paper.

4.If you are left with lesser time, it is reasonable to opt for sociology. It will reduce your burden and will save your time as it can be learned from practical experiences as well.

5.In case you choose any other optional subject, you would have to read a considerable amount of Sociology related topics especially in current affairs.

Reasons To Opt Sociology As Optional

1.The performance of students with the Sociology optional is consistently well. Every year the number of students opting for Sociology as a optional is increasing. Moreover, students with sociology optional are consistently getting top ranks in UPSC.

2.Sociology syllabus overlaps with almost the entire general studies syllabus. Also, Sociology related questions can be found in the Essay paper.

3.The requirement of this subject is just the experiences gained from society. Along with a good research and proper guidance from experienced mentors aspirants can score good marks in sociology.

4.There is more than enough study material available for Sociology and students will be able to gather all the relevant material for the same without much hassle.

5.Students can easily score 300+ marks if there is a well-devised study plan. Also, the selection of candidates who selected Sociology is on the rise every passing year.

6.Sociology as an optional subject is also beneficial with the UPSC Personality Test.

Courses Offered:

1) Classroom Coaching – 2023-24 The SociologyIAS provides a comprehensive course for Sociology Optional Subject. It is a classroom bases program. It comes up with multiple factors contributing to the overall success of the aspirant. It covers the sociology syllabus in the most efficient manner. Besides it provides the holistic approach to complete the optional study in precise time frame.

The Classroom Coaching Provides: –

1.Detailed strategy to cover both Sociology paper I & II for UPSC mains

2.Inculcating the issues in Current Affairs with the dynamic topics of Sociology

3.Focus on the overlapping part of the Sociology optional and GS papers 

4.Special focus and lecture series on Answer writing practice

5.Special Guidance from the finest faculty team

The following is a list of the features that support a successful Classroom coaching program: –

1.Effective instructional practices: – The SociologyIAS classroom program is flexible and purposeful based on aspirant’s instructional needs. The mentors provide instruction that involves both frequent interactions with aspirants and constructive feedback. Systematic instruction ensures that the aspirants remain on track throughout the Course. This careful, consistent instruction is based on thoughtful evaluation of data obtained from classroom observations, formal and informal assessments, and samples of aspirant’s work.

2.Careful use of instructional time: – As the UPSC civil services syllabus is extremely vast, it becomes important to cover the Optional syllabus in required time with correct approach. The SociologyIAS classroom program is based on proper design of syllabus coverage in specified period of time. Some aspirants may need additional assistance; thus, they are provided instruction that is based on their specific needs.

3.Sound instructional materials The SociologyIAS classroom program is equipped with the dynamic quality of material for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. It will help the aspirants to co-relate the concepts from different reference books. This material will be beneficial to revise the vast concepts in less time.

2) Sociology Classes: Recorded Videos The changing situation in the society amidst the restrictions of pandemic has highlighted the need of embracing technology in UPSC preparations. The introduction of technology has resulted in changes in the process of teaching and studying altogether. Considering the need of the aspirants SociologyIAS has come up with an innovative solution to complete the coaching.

SociologyIAS provides the aspirants with recorded Sociology optional videos. The features of this initiative are as follows: –

  • Top quality and complete coverage of syllabus.
  • Expert guidance with comprehensive techniques to build analytical ability
  • Effective remote access and flexibility to watch the recordings.
  • Minimal prices that are affordable by every aspirant.
  • Save time and the cost with ease of learning.
  • Access the best lecturers anytime and anywhere.

3) Sociology Correspondence Course (Interactive) Sociology Correspondence Course offers aspirants an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of online studies. With interactive learning, the aspirants are able to explore course content in a manner that is personally motivating, constructing knowledge in an immersive fashion. Sociology Correspondence Course have the potential to appeal to viewers, enliven content, and expand knowledge. It transforms the content into more effective and engaging patterns. This course is different from simply supplying information course. It provides a powerful experience where the aspirants become immersed and greater learning is generated.

Features Of Sociology Correspondence Course: –

1. A user-friendly online teaching system makes things efficient, less challenging, and pleasurable.

2.A streamlined interactive teaching system host the works of aspirants in a single dashboard without being clumsy is attractive and engaging.

3.The interactive coaching makes your online classes very flexible and practical to plan asynchronous challenges for aspirants.

4.One of the distinguishing features of Sociology Correspondence Course is that it not only provides the flexibility of delivering lessons but also the interactive and collaborative nature.

4) Sociology IAS (Mains) Test Series – 2023 (Online) The Sociology IAS (Mains) Test Series is a specialized program for civil aspirants with Sociology optional. It is focused to build the foundation and develop applied analysis for Optional subject. It covers the entire optional syllabus and is concentrated to give the students insights into the syllabus.

The involves test series offered by top-rated institute at Delhi that ensures the best results.

The Online test series are an Output-Oriented Program. It is scientifically prepared considering the need of the aspirants. The students can take the benefits of this course at a minimal affordable price.

Features of the Test Series: –

1.The test papers are strictly based on an analysis of the previous years’ papers. We ensure that tests include questions on the basics, the static portions of the UPSC syllabus as well as current- related and dynamic portions.

2.Each test will be for 250 marks & 3 hours like in the UPSC Mains exam. The nature of the questions will be as per the UPSC pattern.

3.Every student will receive institute’s Sociology Study Material and value addition materials.

4.The copy evaluation and feedback mechanisms of the Evaluated Tests are designed to provide relevant insights and feedback to each candidate as per his/her performance. We will examine your copies with sincerity and give remarks for improvement.

5.Model Answers (synopsis) will be provided for all 06 section-wise test series. Full test series (Papers) won’t have any model answers, we expect students to write with originality. Relevant case studies, news items & analysis for Paper I and Paper II will also be shared for enhancing the quality of content.

6.You may give the tests either on the prescribed date or any other date during the course duration, as per your convenience.

7.Each Evaluated Test will be followed by a detailed discussion & analysis of the questions. Discussions & classes will be online and interactive.

8.You will have access to the live test discussions as well as its recording till the UPSC Mains exam.

9.You are welcome to discuss any doubt or question and discuss your test papers with our team.

10.You get access to the discussions during the validity of the course. You can access the course 24×7 as per your convenience.